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Hyscent Dual Dispenser

$59.95 $74.99 20% Off
SKU: HCHYS-802111
Weight: 1.00 lbs

The modern and sleekly designed dual can easily be wall mounted or displayed on a desktop stand as a welcome addition to a room's decor.
The ultimate solution for overcoming "numb nose" to the same fragrance. Use the alternating setting feature to regularly create a fresh scent. Use the dual setting to create a unique blend of two HYscent fragrances delivering your own custom aroma.
Duals are available in WHITE, BLACK, or CHROME.

The HYscent Dual can be used anywhere. It is the most versatile of fragrance devices because of its styling and installation options. Mount the Dual on any wall and secure it from theft using the 4 screws provided or show off the Dual in a more personal setting (reception desk, shelving unit, window ledge) by using the desktop stand.
When set to Dual, the HYscent Dual can fragrance a space of up to 750 sq ft. The installation and placement of the Dual are paramount to achieving maximum coverage.
Dual Dimensions W. 9.45"" D 3.19""
Batteries last up to 26 months (two D cell)
Scent Lasts up to 60 days
Simple to operate
Minimal programming required
Attack and neutralize malodors with OdorAxe
Unique cylindrical design offers an ergonomic look
Silent Operation
Dual-fan technology runs silently
Theft Proof
Locks onto wall mounting plate provided
Centrifugal fan based technology