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Hyscent Pod Deodorizers

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SKU: HCHYS-832111
Weight: 1.00 lbs

Earth- friendly and effortless fragrance dispenser, perfect for any small space.

The HYscent Pod's four quadrant vent holes ensure that the device achieves optimal 360-degree fragrance dispersion.
The Pod is available in WHITE or BLACK

The HYscent Pod is eco-happy
and battery free!
No programming required.
Simply recycle and refill the fragrance cartridges.

From the office cubicle to hotel guest rooms, the Pod is the ecological answer to fragrance any personal area.
The HYscent Pod can fragrance a space of up to 300 sq. ft. The installation and placement of the Pod is paramount to achieving maximum coverage.

The HYscent Pod can be used anywhere. It is the most versatile of fragrance devices because of its styling and installation options. Mount the Pod on any wall or ceiling using the provided double stick mounting pad, or show off the Pod in a more personal setting like a reception desk, shelving unit, or end table.

Pod Dimensions L 4" W1.7"

One Click Fits All

No Spills, No mess. Safe, simple, and effective, the Pod can be changed in seconds.

HYscent refills are made from a proprietary polymer blend infused with pure essential and fragrance oils. The absence of propellants and harmful solvents make HYscent refills the "eco happy" solution for your fragrancing needs. Your customer will smell only pure fragrance and no propellants and harmful solvents that diminish the character and efficacy of the fragrance.