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What solutions can Armchem offer you? That's just it, we can solve almost any maintenance or facility problem you have. That is the Armchem Advantage. At Armchem we help facilities of all types including

  1. 1. schools
  2. 7. hospitals
  3. 2. industrial
  4. 8. construction
  5. 3. food production
  6. 9. service
  7. 4. military
  8. 10. construction
  9. 5. municipalities
  10. 11. retail
  11. 6. distribution
  12. 12. every other type of work environment
At Armchem, we help you:
  1. clean
  2. polish
  3. deodorize
  4. sanitize
  5. lubricate
  6. disinfect
  7. scrub
  8. maintain
  9. dilute
  10. exterminate
  11. absorb
  12. Extend the life of equipment and property

As well as solve just about any other type of speciality maintenance problem you or your facility may have.

Our team has over 500 years of combined facility maintenance problem solving experience under their belt and the best in class products and techniques to get the job done.

Below is a resource which addresses many common facilities problems, however if your is not on the list    Live Chat or email us Solutions@Armchem.com and we will find the answer that best suits your problem or situation.