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Over 40 years of continued success!

Let our experts show you the way! our team continues to be what makes us different, we've curated a product catalog that includes only those products that are guaranteed to work. Our fantastic team of experts is trained to show you everything you need to bring your facility to  the next level of cleanliness and safety.   


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Get 5% Off 

When you buy 2 to 4 cases of a product! 

Get 10% Off 

When you buy 5 or more cases of a product! 

Industrial Grade

Armchem products have been carefully selected to provide quality and performance at a great price to a variety of facilities such as hospitals, hotels, assisted living facilities, commercial shops, and more! 

Excellent Customer Care

To ensure customer satisfaction we have a fantastic team of sales and customer service representatives available to assist you with any questions you may have. 

Fast Delivery

Armchem offers low shipping costs and most of our products ship the same day to ensure timely delivery.

Product Variety

Our product catalog includes everything you may need to bring your facility to the next level, we're always innovating and bringing in new products. Check out the products on our website or contact your local sales representative to find more!

Quality Guaranteed

At Armchem, we've curated our product catalog to include only those products that are guaranteed to work. We offer in-person demonstrations by our trained specialists to ensure you get everything out of the products you need! 

Budget Friendly

Armchem strives to offer competitive prices in the industry, we pride ourselves in bringing wholesale items at the lowest prices to our valued customers

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