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Armchem International features a wide range of products and the most extensive range of 
maintenance supplies, paper, chemical and safety products designed for maximum business performance. 
We currently provide our products and services to 10,000+ companies in the United States and in the international market.

Andrew Brahms

Founder & CEO of Armchem International

Armchem started as a one-man show, Andy traveled the world selling specialty chemicals. In 2000 Armchem surpassed the 10 million dollar sales mark. Andy's personalized style continues to be core to our business, it has driven the company to continued success with several affiliate companies and brands. With over 40 years of experience in the field, Andy continues to be an example of what perseverance, effort, and values can do for a company's success.

How it started

Andy started Armchem Intl. by traveling the world selling industrial chemicals on his own. He grew this small operation by committing to exceptional service and quality.   


Armchem surpassed the 10 million dollar sales mark and grew to have several affiliated companies. 


Armchem is a world leader in the wholesale distribution of maintenance products in the United States, with an ever-expanding line of products and headquarters located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Armchem's staff is now 150+ strong and keeps growing and getting better every day! 

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