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A Fresh Start To A New School Year
Cleaning Checklist

Preparing your facility for a good year ahead!

This time of year is crucial for ensuring a clean, safe, and inviting environment for everyone returning to the educational facilities. Emphasizing hygiene and following safety protocols will go a long way in ensuring a successful and smooth start to the new school year. Here's a checklist to help you get started.

Cleaning Checklist

Inspect and plan.

  • Is everything in the facility working properly? 
  • Determine the areas that need extra attention, such as classrooms, restrooms, and common areas. 
  • Make a plan with your team to tackle everything in your checklist and schedule any repairs before school starts!

Stock up on supplies! ​

  • Are there supplies that need to be replaced or replenished? 
  • Buying in bulk saves money in the long run, and running out of toilet paper at a school would be a big inconvenience for everyone. 
  • Make sure your janitorial closet has everything you need for a smooth start!

Deep clean high-traffic areas.

  • Clean and polish hard floors, such as vinyl, tile, or wood.
  • Vacuum and deep clean carpets. 
  • Deep clean and sanitize restrooms, including toilets, sinks, mirrors, and floors.
  • Clean windows, blinds, and other surfaces to ensure a welcoming environment.

Strip, wax, and polish floors.

  • Floor stripping is essential to remove the old layers to prepare the floor for a fresh coat of wax or finish.
  • Waxing helps to enhance the appearance of the floor, protect it from scratches and stains, and make it easier to clean.
  • Polishing enhances the shine and luster of the floor and can be done after waxing to further improve the appearance and durability of the finish.

First Aid & Emergency Kits

  • Check expiration dates on first aid supplies. 
  • Replace and replenish all kits in the facility to stay compliant with local laws. 
  • Inspect fire extinguishers and make any necessary replacements.

Organize Storage Areas

  • Ensure janitorial storage areas are well-organized and clutter-free. 
  • Label shelves and containers for easy access to cleaning supplies and equipment.
  • Keeping everything in order streamlines the cleaning process and saves time.

Health, safety, 
and an enhanced 
school image

A well-maintained school reflects professionalism and pride, instilling confidence in parents, students, and staff. A positive school image can attract new students and create a sense of community.

Regular cleaning and disinfection reduce the spread of germs and illnesses, contributing to a healthier school community. This is especially crucial in preventing the spread of contagious diseases among students and staff. 

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